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rn16 “Research on air transport demand of Kreta island and setting up of the master plan of Iraklion state airport ‘N.Kazantzakis'” carried out for the Civil Aviation Authority (1998-2000)
sg25 Program Planning Group on transportation issues within the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (2005-2007)
sg24 Committee for the processing of proposals for the update up to 2020, of the strategies for transport infrastructure development in Greece of the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, Chairman (2005-2006)
cp67 “National airport system design” in the 2nd Greek Conference: Air Transport Today and Tomorrow organised by the Hellenic Aviation Society (Spata, 9-10 May 2012).    
ea21 Study for a new apron of the Mytilini State Airport Odisseas Elitis – Master Plan (1996)
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