The aim of this project is the development of a policy recommendation regarding the provision of financial incentives and benefits by the State for car insurance policies using telematics across the EU. To emphasize the socio-economic feasibility of this policy, a comprehensive social Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) case study in Greece will be conducted. The analysis will highlight the potential benefits of this policy in terms of reducing road crashes and fuel consumption / CO2 emissions. The policy recommendation and the results of the analysis are applicable to all EU member states, with minor adjustments due to different legal/regulatory frameworks, socio-economic and road safety indicators. The policy recommendation will be shared with policy officers who manage the relevant EU Green Deal policy portfolios and will be published in an open-access book (September 2024). Telematics plays a fundamental role in improving driving behavior, enhancing road safety, and reducing the environmental impact of motorized traffic. Several countries (Italy, UK, and Greece) have already proposed initiatives to promote telematics insurance policies recognizing the value of telematics. These efforts align with the targets set by the European Commission, the World Health Organization and the United Nations.