George Yannis

George Yannis is Professor in Traffic Safety and Management at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).  He has a civil engineering diploma from NTUA, and MSc and PhD in Transport from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris.

He has a thorough and broad understanding of the transportation sector dynamics, through his active involvement for more than 31 years as engineer, academic, advisor and decision maker in all areas of transportation planning and engineering at national and international level. His specialisation areas are Road Safety, Planning and Μanagement of Transportation Systems, Urban Mobility and Intelligent Transportation Systems, with particular focus on Data Management and Analysis.

Ηe has participated in more than 225 research and engineering projects and studies in Greece, in Europe and worldwide and he has published 490 scientific papers (147 in scientific journals) widely cited worldwide. He has contributed extensively in several research projects and scientific committees of the European Commission and other International Organisations (UN/ECE, OECD, WHO, World Bank, EIB, CEDR, ERF, ETSC).

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Road Safety: Accident analysis, databases, road infrastructure, driver behaviour, driver distraction, pedestrians, enforcement, young drivers, older drivers, motorcyclists, alcohol, intelligent systems, weather conditions, road safety measures, road safety strategy, international comparisons.

Planning and Management of Transportation Systems: urban mobility, road infrastructure, traffic management, parking, intelligent systems, metro systems, large events, multi-modal transport, transport networks, transport terminals, logistics


Teaching at NTUA School of Civil Engineering: Traffic Engineering, Road Safety, Traffic Management, Public Transport, Transportation and the Environment.

Supervision of 91 Diploma Theses, 13 PhDs and 7 PostDoctoral Researches. Participation at the supervision (27) and the examination (21) committee of PhDs.

Member of 68 Faculty Member Selection Committees and of 27 NTUA Academic Bodies and Committees.

Visiting Professor at University of Loughborough and at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris.



Participation in 113 research projects in the field of transport planning and engineering, 87 of which were or are carried out in the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering of the NTUA. 54 of these projects were assigned by the European Commission, 9 projects were assigned by other International Organisations (UN-ECE, WHO, World Banque, ITF, CEDR) and 50 projects were assigned by Greek Authorities. Scientific Coordinator in 39 research projects (24 from International Organisations) and Principal Researcher in another 35 research projects.




A total of 490 scientific publications in the field of transport planning and engineering: 147 papers in scientific journals with referees, 17 papers in scientific journals of conference proceedings, 312 papers in conference proceedings (247 with paper review, 260 in international conferences and 21 after invitation) and 14 monographs and chapters in books, as well as 6 teaching material, in 300 of which more than 2.500 citations are made (i10-index: google scholar: 63, h-index: google scholar: 27, scopus: 20).



Member of 98 scientific organisations and committees worldwide (55) and in Greece (43). Evaluator of proposals and progress of research projects of the framework research programmes of the European Commission (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Horizons 2020) and for the Research Authorities of Greece, United States of America, France, Italy, Ireland, Flanders, Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (41). Evaluator of infrastructure project proposals of the Trans-European Transport Networks and the World Bank. Reviewer of papers to be published in scientific journals (97) and conferences (85), Member of the editorial board of scientific journals (5), Member of the scientific committee (46) and of the organising committee (11) of conferences. Chairman of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (2000 – 2003). Received 13 international scientific awards, including the “Knight of the Order of Academic Palms” by the  French Government.



Participation in 394 scientific conferences and seminars, 252 international and 142 national, in Athens (191), in other Greek cities (37) and abroad (166). Session chairmanship in 45 of these conferences and delivery of speech in another 19 conferences. Presentation at these conferences of 258 scientific papers published in the Proceedings and another 316 scientific presentations. 160 papers or presentations were after invitation.


Participation in 112 projects and studies in the field of transport planning and engineering for the European Commission and other International Organizations (25), Ministries (22), Public Authorities (46), and other organisations (19), in Greece (80) and worldwide (32). Advisor on road safety at the General Directorate for Transport of the European Commission (1991 – 2002) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Attiko Metro SA, the Public Authority in charge for the development of metro systems in Athens and Thessaloniki (2004 – 2010).



Member of the Alumni Association of the National Technical University of Athens and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

Member of the International and National Alumni Association of the International Olympic Academy

Participated and completed 28 Marathon Races, 16 triathlon races and more than 100 long distance races.