Items Under Tag: intermodal transport

rn122 “Interact – Modeling and simulation of mixed traffic in shared space” for Toyota (2021)
rn121 “DIT4TraM – Distributed Intelligence and Technology for Traffic and Mobility Management” for the European Commission DG Move (2021-2024)
rn120 “Tangent – Enhanced data processing techniques for dynamic management of multimodal traffic” for the European Commission DG Move (2021-2024)
ei14 Priorities and data availability for road accident and traffic analysis in Europe for the European Commission (1998).
ei9 The position of the European Commission and the International Associations towards the development of the express delivery services for the European Commission (1994-1995).
ei3 TEDIS – Trade and Transport Electronic Data Interchange Systems for the European Commission (1988-1989).
ei2 Identification of telematics’ services European orientations in the transport sector in France for LAMY S.A., Paris (1988-1989).
cp470 “Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration into Automation” at the Innovation in Road Safety Research Workshop, May 2021.    
ei1 Electronic data interchange (EDI) in the French freight transport market for LAMY S.A., Paris (1988).
rn94 “HADRIAN – Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs” of the Horizon 2020 framework program on transport research of the European Commission (2019-2023)
cp363 “Safety skills of future transportation professionals” at the NTUA – Digitalisation and Road Safety Research Workshop, organised by NTUA within the framework of the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week (Athens, Greece, 17 May 2019)    
rn84 “BeSmart – Multi-modal driver behaviour and safety support system on the basis of smartphone applications” in the framework of the research programme EXPLORE-CREATE-INNOVATE (EREVNO-DHMIOURGO-KAINOTOMO) of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (2018-2022)
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rn71 “Skillful – Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels” of the Horizons 2020 framework programme on transport research of the European Commission (2016-2019)
rn68 “SafeCulture – Safety culture in private and professional transport: examining its influence on behaviours and implications for interventions” carried out for the Norwegian Research Council (2016-2018)
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rn22 “RECORDIT – Real cost reduction of door-to-door intermodal transport” of the fifth framework programme on transport research of the European Commission (2000-2002)
rn9 “IMPULSE – Interoperaple modular pilot plans underlying logistic system in Europe” of the fourth framework programme on transport research of the European Commission (1996-1999)
rn3 “Investigation of Greek transport demand in the combined transport corridor Greece – Italy – Northern Europe” carried out for the European Commission (1993-1994)
rn2 “Pilot project for the combined transport corridor Greece – Italy – Northern Europe” carried out for the European Commission (1993)
rn1 “SIMET – Smart Intermodal European Transfer in Europe” of the third framework programme on transport research – EURET of the European Commission (1991-1995)
si3 101st Round Table of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport for the development of express services in Europe (1995)
si2 COST-314 Research Action on express delivery services (Invited Expert) (1993-1995)
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ro2 “EUROFRET – New technologies in freight transport in Europe” in the framework of European Commission DRIVE research programme (transport telematics) (1990-1991)
ro1 “La messagerie express en Europe” for the French Ministry of Transport (1989-1991)
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