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cp498 “Transport System & Infrastructure” at the 25th Living and Walking in Cities Conference, organised by the Universita Degli Studi di Brescia (September 2021).    
cp487 “Socio-economic impact of environmental transport charging” at the Innovation in Road Safety Research Workshop, May 2021.    
cp468 “Societal impacts of connected and automated vehicles” at the Innovation in Road Safety Research Workshop, May 2021.    
cp461 “Mobility and Safety Research Challenges in Public Transport” at the Academic Network Research in Mobility Committee, April 2021.    
cp457 “Pilot Assessment of Athens Great Walk” at the PIONEERing Solutions for the Smart City Challenge, April 2021.    
ad113 Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, “Correlation of organization and performance of urban transport systems in Europe”, Diploma Thesis, NTUA, School of Civil Engineering, Athens, July 2021." target="_blank" class="listview-ppt">   
cp434 “Automation and public transport”, at the IoT for Smart Cities School, organised by the Pioneer Alliance (21 October 2020).    
cp425 “Strategic Transport Planning in Athens” presented within the Framework of the Executive MSc in Cities Laboratory (EMC Lab) of London School of Economics (LSE) (Athens, Greece, 25 June 2020).    
cp421 “The consequences of autonomous buses in traffic, safety and the environment for future mobility scenarios” at the International Multidisciplinary Traffic Safety Virtual Conference, organised by the Hellenic Association of Driving Instructors together with Key Transportation Organisations in Greece (29-30 May 2020).    
si81 Research in Mobility Committee of the Union Internationale des Transports Publiques (UITP) (2020-).
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rn88 “LEVITATE – Societal Level Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles” of the Horizon 2020 framework programme on transport research of the European Commission (2018-2022)
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sg43 Scientific Committee on Sustainable Mobility of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (2017-2019).