In modern cities, there is a trend of promoting cycle sharing schemes and developing cycle roads in order to reduce air pollution and offer a faster way to travel within city centers. Recently a new form of transportation has emerged, the e-scooter. The objective of this Diploma Thesis is to investigate the preferences towards e-scooters in Athens and to identify the most important factors affecting traveler modal choices in Athens. For the data collection, a questionnaire-based stated preference survey was carried out, including hypothetical scenarios of cost, time and comfort, answered by 202 travelers in Athens. Logistic regression models were developed (multinomial and binary), which demonstrated that the probability of choosing an e-scooter depends largely on the cost, time, comfort, attitudes, habits and the demographic characteristics of the respondents. The faster and the more economical is the trip and the more familiar is the traveler with e-scooters is, the more likely he/she is to choose them over other means of transport.