The aim of this Diploma Thesis is to compare road safety between the United States of America and the European Union. For this purpose, data was selected pertaining to the driving conditions and socioeconomic characteristics of both the USA and the EU for the period 2009-2019. A multivariable linear regression model was developed based on the above-mentioned characteristics, the application of which demonstrated that an increase in speed limit leads to an increase in lives lost in road crashes. At the same time, an increase in GDP per capita leads effectively to a decrease in fatal accidents. Rural speed limit was found as the parameter with the greater impact among all model parameters. A benchmarking analysis was produced using the Data Envelopment Analysis method, according which all US States and EU countries were ranked in order of road safety effectiveness, demonstrating that countries of the EU have more effective (safer) road systems than those of the USA, possibly because of the higher vehilcle fleet and lower public transport modal share in the US.