The objective of this Diploma Thesis is to investigate the impact factors of children’s road safety in Europe. For this purpose, data from the European CARE database on the number of victims aged 0-14 in road crashes and the characteristics of these crasheswere used. Data on drivers’ views on road safety from the ESRA survey, and socio-economic indicators from Eurostat were also used. Two databases were initially developed. The first contained data on European countries’ road safety performance, social and economic indicators and drivers’ views on road safety, and the second contained data on crash characteristics such as weather conditions, lighting, mode of transport and type of the road. Linear regression models and negative binomial regression models were developed. These models led to the conclusion that the percentage of drivers who develop speeds higher than the permitted ones in residential areas and the percentage of drivers who transport children over 150cm tall without a seat belt statistically significantly affect the number of victims aged 0-14. Regarding crashcharacteristics, good weather conditions are associated with an increase in the number of victims.