The effective treatment of road accidents and the improvement of road safety level is a major concern to societies due to the losses in human lives and the economic and social cost. Tremendous efforts have been dedicated by transportation researchers and practitioners to improve road safety. Recently, high resolution real-time traffic and weather data started to be used when analysing road safety in freeways. Regardless of modelling techniques, a major gap is that very limited research has been conducted so far for urban roads. Moreover, there is no specific focus on Powered-TwoWheelers (PTWs), which constitute a vulnerable type of road users and are affected by the interaction with other motorized traffic. Taking also into account the speeding and the manoeuvring capabilities of PTWs, investigation of PTW safety by incorporating traffic conditions would be of particular interest. It should be noted, that an integrated methodology was needed in order to understand accident probability and severity, due to the complex nature of these phenomena.