The use of Accident Prediction Models (APMs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) allows Road Authorities, designers and road safety engineers to estimate the safety performance of road projects, analyse potential safety issues, identify safety improvements and estimate the potential effect of these improvements in terms of crash reduction. However, the reliability and accuracy of such methods largely depends on available knowledge on existing APMs and CMFs as well as on their transferability to conditions different from the ones for which they were developed. The paper aims to present an online searchable repository, developed within the research project PRACT (Predicting Road ACcidents – a Transferable methodology across Europe) funded by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), in which a large amount of international experience on APMs and CMFs has been collected and organised. The repository includes 273 APMs and 889 CMFs that satisfy specific quality criteria, focusing on types that are considered most useful by Road Authorities. The data were either collected during an extensive review of existing literature or developed within the PRACT project and are expected to become a useful safety decision support tool for Road Authorities, designers and road safety engineers.