Effective road safety policies need good information about crash risk factors and appropriate countermeasures. SafetyCube which is a European co-funded research project, addresses this gap by generating new knowledge about crash risk factors and measures’ effectiveness relevant to Europe. Findings will be integrated in a European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) that will present for each suggested road safety measure: details of the risk factors tackled, measure, best estimate of casualty reduction effectiveness, cost-benefit evaluation and analytic background. The DSS is implemented in a modern web-based tool with a highly ergonomic interface, allowing users to get a quick overview or go deeper into the results of single studies according to their own needs. The development of the DSS will support decision making at local, regional, national and international level. In order to provide policy-makers and industry with well-structured comprehensive information about measures, it is essential that the links between risk factors and all relevant safety measures are made fully visible.