University campuses are a microcosmos of the urban landscape and an excellent testbed for implementing and evaluating novel mobility policies. However, no scientific contribution has ever aimed to provide a template for university mobility managers to develop an action plan for an efficient and effective sustainable university mobility plan tailored to the needs and characteristics of the campus. Based on the above, the present research has two main objectives. The first is to present the state of the art regarding mobility plans that have been implemented in universities in Europe. The second and core of the overall research is to present a template of an action plan that can be used by universities as a guide for the planning and implementation of a comprehensive mobility plan. The proposed action plan is a strategic guide with a sequence of steps that planners are encouraged to follow in order to create a sustainable university mobility plan. This plan takes into consideration both universities situated within the urban area as well as campuses located outside the city centre. The proposed action plan offers suggestions to satisfy, particularly the needs of students and university staff members considering the technical, economic, social and environmental sustainability of the proposed mobility solutions. Moreover, the action plan considers the fact that a University Campus is embedded into the overarching mobility context that see other end-users of the mobility services sharing with the University’s end-user’s infrastructures and services.