This paper aims to investigate the impact of a new cycleway on Panepistimiou st., im-plementing in the framework of Athens Great Walk (AGW), to bike and e-bike trips using crowdsourcing open data, which are paired with the original data of the Horizon Europe project PHOEBE. For this purpose, daily cycling trips recorded on the exam-ined street before and after the operation of the new cycleway, were collected through “Strava Metro” platform. An interrupted time series analysis was developed to assess the effectiveness of the new cycleway on Panepistimiou st. on daily changes in number of bike trips from June 2019 to 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns are regarded as supplementary interruptions due to their documented impact on inducing temporary and significant shifts in cycling patterns. Evaluation of the post-intervention period show an increase in cycling subsequent to the introduction of exclusive lanes for cy-clists and widened sidewalks under AGW.