The aim of this project is to investigate the socio-economic impact of environmental transport charging policies in Athens and Greece. The main goals of EcoCharge are to investigate the level of acceptance of environmental transport policies in Greece and improve the environmental quality in the center of Athens and generally in Greece.

To achieve these objectives, 2 questionnaire-based surveys will be undertaken, in order to investigate the environmental transport policies under consideration. The study areas will take place in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos and the questionnaire survey will consist of 4 parts: travel characteristics of respondents, environmental awareness and sensitivity, stated preference on alternative scenarios and demographics. The methodological framework will be developed in order to quantify the impact of the following environmental transport policies on society, the economy, commuters and the environment.

The environmental pollution risks on urban centers need to be addressed through concrete and targeted actions and scientifically sound decisions to turn them into opportunities for the future. Environmental charging policies that have a positive impact on the environment and society must be integrated into a more general strategic plan adapted to the characteristics of each city. The road safety impact on the feasibility of environmental charging transport policies is significant and should therefore be a key factor in developing the socio-economic analysis. Urban road safety should be integrated into the urban mobility policies, equally with environment, energy and mobility concerns. Environmental charging transport policies should be tailored to the specific mobility and safety problems and needs of each city.