The goal of EcoDrive project is to develop an ecosystem of mechanisms and tools able to promote the adoption of ecological and safe driving by establishing a two-way communication relationship between users and the system. To achieve this goal, data directly from users’ smartphones, as well as traffic data will be gathered and utilized. Moreover, sophisticated models will be developed to enhance positioning, correct data streams, fuse data, and calculate fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, taking into account three main components: driving behavior, road geometry and traffic conditions. The output of the model will be disseminated to the drivers in the form of eco-footprint and other valuable information. To further enhance the adoption of eco-friendly driving behavior, EcoDrive service will dispose an eco-routing algorithm. The algorithm is going to evaluate alternative routes taking into account fuel consumption, travel time and generalized cost of the route. Moreover, the algorithm may provide alternative eco routes for both individual drivers and vehicle fleets.