The main objective of the project is the preparation of the National Strategic Plan for the measures / actions to be undertaken at national level, by all the competent bodies, for the improvement of Road Safety during the period 2021-2030. The development of the National Strategic Plan will lead to the definition, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the necessary actions to drastically reduce the number of road accidents and the number of deaths and serious injuries in them. In order to achieve the objectives of the project and the successful elaboration of the National Strategic Road Safety Plan, an effective methodological approach is proposed, consisting of nine work packages. Initially, there will be a general evaluation of the implementation of the previous Strategic Road Safety Plans in Greece and a review of the implementation of strategies and action plans internationally with emphasis on best practices. Then, the vision and goals of Road Safety for Greece in the decade 2021-2030 will be defined. Based on the vision and objectives, the structure of the Strategic Road Safety Plan will be formed (definition of structure and programs, road safety action plan) and an integrated system for monitoring the implementation of actions and performance will be developed. Throughout the research project, the results of a broad consultation with all stakeholders will be taken into account in finalizing the proposals.