MetaCCAZE accelerates the user-centred deployment of smart systems and services that combine electric automated and connected mobility and related infrastructure across European cities. metaCCAZE organizes a series of MetaDesign activities with multisectorstakeholders and different population groups to develop metadesigned shared zero-emission mobility use cases, collaborative business and governance models. A toolkit called MetaInnovations, is developed consisting of six main smart technologies (1. Align: grid supply-fleet-demand; 2. Harmonise: AI-Datawarehouse; 3. Charge: inductive automated charging; 4. Automate: i. remote control center, ii. Advanced Driver Assistance System; iii. 5. Connect: V2X protocols; 6. Manage & Operate: i. electric vehicle scheduling and demand; 6. Digital twin optimisation). MetaInnovations are pioneered in passenger and freight services (public transport, on-demand mini buses, bike sharing, deliveries) and related infrastructure (mobility and logistics hubs, traffic management centres, charging infrastructure) and widely demonstrated in 4 trailblazer cities (Amsterdam, Munich, Limassol, Tampere). Successful use cases, MetaInnovations and MetaServices are transferred, implemented and demonstrated in 6 follower cities (Athens, Krakow, Gonzo, Milan, Miskolc, Paris region). Demonstrations are monitored to ensure that their impact aligns with the MISSION and SUMP/SULP targets, and that the society embrace them. The MetaSkills Hub is developed and utilizes the lessons learned to deliver a series of cross-sectorial interactive training courses. The MetaPolicy Package is developed to contribute to updates of urban and transport policies and feed the strategic research and innovation agendas (SRIA) of CCAM, 2ZERO and other initiatives. metaCCAZE is a project, and an initiative to transition cities to the green metamobility era that the Green Deal, 2ZERO, CCAM, Missions and other EU partnerships envisage by 2030 and beyond.