Purpose of the project is  the analysis of pedestrian road crossing behaviour along urban trips. More specifically, this research aims to estimate the road crossing probability at each location along an urban trip, in relation to road, traffic and personnal characteristics. Moreover, it aims to estimate pedestrians’ road accident risk exposure, as a result of road crossing behaviour. Particular emphasis is put on the integration of human factors (attitudes, perceptions, motivations etc.) on pedestrian behaviour and safety analysis. For that purpose, a field research is carried out, in which pedestrians are followed along urban trips, and their behaviour is recorded, together with data on the road anf traffic environment. Moreover, personal interviews are carried out on the basis of a questionnaire, for the recording of pedestrians’ opinions and perceptions. Integrated choice – latent variables models are developed, combining  attitudinal, perceptual and other human factos with other variables. Furthermore, the relationship between pedestrian crossing behaviour and risk exposure in urban areas is investigated.