objective of this Diploma thesis is to investigate the factors of the pandemic that influenced the air transport demand at Athens Airport. For this purpose, airport
mobility data were collected from and to 25 Member States of the European Union as well as domestic flights. In addition, they were drawn from online databases, data related to the evolution of the pandemic and restrictive measures implemented. Panel data regression analysis have been developed, with the individual heterogeneity of countries or airports being strong. The number of passengers per flight was the dependent variable and explanatory variables, a combination of pandemic related restrictive measures. The study countries were categorized based on the percentage of total passenger traffic and the models used as many independent variables as possible. The methodology demonstrated that the rate of vaccination coverage of the population is the most critical variable of recovery of air traffic while the severity of the lockdown is an important inhibitory factor. For all groups of countries, low-cost airlines showed the highest correlation with air traffic, while airlines with chartered flights in countries with temporary traffic had a significant influence.