This diploma thesis is subscribed within the general current trend towards the European Unification, this ideal, which will be achieved only as a result of co-ordinated actions in every sector comprising road safety.  In the first phase, the collection of all national road accident collection forms as well as almost all national statistical yearbooks took place.  Then an evaluation and comparative analysis of the forms took place.  In this comparative analysis all positive and negative elements of the forms have been put examined together leading to an overall opinion for the profile of each form as well as for the approach of each country towards road accident data analysis.  According to the criteria set a combination of data elements from each national form has been adopted, producing thus a complete and easily filled in unified form satisfying, at the same time, each country’s data requirements.  Finally, the overview of tables from the various national statistical yearbooks showed the heterogeneity of the national approaches as the forms comparison also showed.  In summary, this work proved that an important potential on road safety sector exists which requires appropriate european co-ordination.