This thesis gives weight to the importance of information and telecommunication technologies for the transport companies, by examining the information system in the context of the company’s strategy process.  Parallel functioning of shipments and information flow networks inside the express transport production chain was the ideal case for the identification of the competitive advantage that information system creates for the company.  The information system of the express transport company can be considered as a strategic information system (SIS) because it supports very well the five strategic thrusts.  Its role for differentiation and cost reduction strategies is very important and its absence is a limiting factor not only for innovation, growth and alliances’ strategies but also for the company activity.  The information system has a strategic importance for the definition of the strategy process of the company and at the same time is defined by the company strategy.  A dynamic loop between information system and strategy process is produced in this way: each element of the loop evolves under the influence of the other.