Electronic Data Interchange is the transfer of structured data, by agreed message standards from computer to computer, by electronic means.  The EDIFACT standardised messages replace the traditional commerce documents such as receipts, orders of payment, customs documents, etc.  EDI is fusing computer and telecommunication developments to revolutionise information management in government and business.  EDI is a service which can bring great benefits to the companies of the transport industry and to the transport sector as a whole, such as: a more efficient use of the international transport resources, a much faster goods flow inside the transport chain, an answer to the special needs of the information processing in the various transport means and a guarantee of the transport sector actors link to the external actors.  The following four groups of actors with quite different approaches, influence EDI evolution and its wide use inside the transport sector.  Their groupings, relations and interactions will determine the future use of EDI in the transport area: official bodies (UN, EC, Governments), technical organisations (CEN/CENELEC, commerce chambers), transport sector companies, service sector companies.