Young people, defined as those who are between 18 and 24 years old, are worldwide far more likely to be victims in road accidents than people in any other age group. The objective of this research is the analysis of young people road safety related parameters in European countries through the use of the EU CARE database with disaggregated data on road accidents, as well as of other international data sources (Eurostat, etc.). Time series data from 19 EU countries over a period of 10 years (2000-2009) are correlated with basic safety parameters such as road user type, mode of transport, area and road type, day and time of day, seasonality, age and gender of the driver. During this period more than 76.000 persons aged 18-24 years old were killed in traffic accidents, representing almost a fifth of all traffic accident fatalities in those countries (18%). Moreover, in 2009 17% of people killed in road accidents in the 23 European countries were aged 18-24 years old. However, only 9% of the population falls within this age group. As a result, young people were at almost twice the average risk of being killed in a road accident across the EU-23 countries in 2009 as a whole, underlining the urgency of taking immediate appropriate countermeasures. The results of the analysis allow for an overall assessment of the young people safety level in the European road network in relation to the younger or older road users, providing thus useful support to decision makers working for the improvement of safety in the European road network.