This paper was conducted in the framework of the “SKILLFUL – Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels” project, financed by the European Commission. The objective of the paper is to map the major trends of the transport workforce with regards to demographic, behavioural, cultural and socioeconomic factors, in the short, mid and long-term. The correlation of these factors with existing and emerging professions in the transport sector will also be identified. The analysis of the aforementioned different factors and their impact on transport workforce are considered to be key-issues regarding the evolution of the workforce and the future market needs. The methodology for mapping each factor is based on the analysis of recent literature sources and the synthesis of the main findings. Key-input and ideas from transport experts and the results of the related interactions have also been embodied in the findings. Overall, it seems that the future transport workforce will not only be influenced by the changing and evolving needs of the sector,its associate business schemes and enabling technologies. It will also be shaped by the prevailing social trends in Europe.