The aim of this work is to present a practical actions package elaborated at European Union level for inclusion at the 3rd EU action plan (2002-2010) for the improvement of road safety within the Common Transport Policy.  On this purpose, accumulated knowledge in the field of road safety in Europe from the first and second EU road safety programmes, as well as from a series of national programmes implemented the last decade was used, with emphasis on those with very positive evaluation results.  This knowledge is the outcome of the work from experts of various different road safety disciplines at local, national and European level.  A set of about 100 Concrete Practical Actions was examined, categorised in nine broad groups: investing in safety, better compliance with road safety rules, user training and testing standards, use of safety equipment, safer vehicles, safer roads, safer professional goods transport, post-accident care, accident and injury data gathering and analysis.  It was concluded that special emphasis should be given to the efficient implementation of the practical actions through adequate budget, active participation of road users and authorities and quantitative monitoring.