The objective of this paper is to present the results of a critical assessment review of international databases which include risk exposure data (vehicle and passenger kilometres, vehicle fleet, road length, population etc.). In particular, the data collection and analysis as well as the availability and quality of the data were investigated. This work was carried out within the scope of the SafetyNet project of the 6th Framework Program for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration of the European Union. Existing surveys administered to the international databases file administrators were analysed. Personal interviews with international database provider representatives were carried out in order to collect additional information on the existing risk exposure data, the procedures for its collection, registration and accessibility. The outcomes of this analysis and interviews are presented and discussed in this paper. Selected available risk exposure figures by country and by year are compared amongst the mentioned data files. An overall assessment of the potential for international comparisons was also carried out. The results show that international databases are useful sources of risk exposure data. However, the availability and quality of the existing data, as well as the objectives and scope of its collection vary significantly amongst databases. It is suggested that the analysed databases may be used in a complementary way. Significant differences exist in the published figures amongst data files. This is the case for the “most complex” risk exposure measures (e.g. vehicle and passenger kilometres). Therefore, particular caution is recommended when using the information available in road safety analyses.