The objective of this research is the analysis of road safety related parameters in the European motorways by the use of the EU CARE database with disaggregate data on road accidents as well as of other international data files (OECD/IRTAD, Eurostat, etc.). Data for ten years and 14 EU countries on motorway road accidents are correlated with basic safety parameters like the vehicle type, the manoeuvre type, the casualty age and person class as well as the lighting conditions. This comparative analysis revealed a decrease of 16% in traffic accident fatalities on motorways in the decade 1995 – 2004, lacking behind the respective decrease of 27% in the total number of fatalities. It was also shown that more middle age drivers (35-64 years old) are killed on motorways whereas more younger drivers (25-34 years old) are killed on the remaining road network. Specific countries with higher motorway accident fatalities for particular accident types were also identified. The results of the analysis allow for an overall picture of the road safety level in the European motorways in comparison to the remaining road network, providing thus useful support to all decision makers working for the improvement of safety in the European road network.