The objective of this project is to provide technical assistance for the achievement of the requirements of the “Trendline” project concerning the collection of the road safety KPIs in the EU. These activities concern:

  • Support for coordination activities: participation in the Trendline Coordination Team (TCT) and Technical Committee (TC), prepare agenda points and active participation in the General Assembly (GA), preparation of papers and delivery of presentations related to the project
  • Methodological support for the 8 Key Performance Indicators: draft and review the common methodological guidelines, advice on demands from project Beneficiaries related to methodological requirements.
  • Contribution to the experimental and complementary indicators: prepare methodological guidelines on experimental indicators, carry out and supervise measurements at limited scale in 1-3 countries, draft a final report on the KPI.
  • Supervision of national data analyses and reporting: overall supervision of the national data analyses and reporting within the project.