The Hellenic Ministry of Transport and Communications is about to issue a new traffic law, which is not expected to be studied or understood by the majority of Greek drivers for a number of reasons such as (a)the fact that parts of the new law are not of interest to the average driver, (b) a legal script is difficult to be understood by typical drivers and (c)most drivers will probably ignore it. As a result, most drivers will be exposed to misunderstanding and ignorance effects related to the new traffic law. Therefore, the Ministry is searching for ways of informing the public on the basic concepts of the new traffic law. The objective of the project is the development of innovative information material consisting of a DCD and a flyer, which will be distributed by the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications some time before the issuance of the new Traffic Law. The information material will aid in helping the public to understand and accept the philosophy and concepts of the new Traffic Law.