The project aims at the development of a framework model for the definition of a reliable integrated system for the management of interoperability for electronic toll collection systems in Greece, in accordance to the European Directive 2004/52/EE. The research for the implementation of the national interoperability of electronic tolls shall include two parts:  the organizational framework and the principles for the operation. Regarding the first part alternative forms of organization are going to be investigated (organizational framework). In the second part (operational/legal framework) a specifications study is going to be performed for whichever of the proposed solutions is finally preferred. The study will cover technical, technological, organizational and legal issues concerning the preparation of the legal framework. In this framework future value-added- services and also emerging technologies are going to be considered included. At the same time, the Laboratory will support in the organizational level the Committee for the Accomplishment and Insurance of National Interoperability of Electronic Tolls, which is proposed to have an advisory role for the Ministry.