The objective of the ERSO+ project is to provide regular updates of the main reports already available on the ERSO website. The updates concern the Annual Statistical Reports (ASR), Country Profiles (CP), and Basic Fact Sheets (BFS) of the ERSO website, as well as regular reviews of the knowledge section of the website [Web-Texts (WT)]. The philosophy underlying the project is to use an integrated approach to provide a complete and enhanced set of updated reports, ensuring the continuity of the reports while fulfilling the current and future needs, and is based on the following key elements: regularity of the updates, high quality of the updates, highly ergonomic presentation of the updates, fulfilment of user needs. The updated reports will be fully meeting the needs of road safety stakeholders, whose remarks and suggestions will be taken into account. Moreover, the updated reports will undergo a rigorous quality control procedure, including language control, by dedicated Boards and with a specific plan.