The ESRA project (European Survey of Road users’ safety Attitudes) is a joint initiative of research organisations and road safety institutes in 17 European countries aiming at collecting comparable (inter)national data on road users’ opinions, attitudes and behaviour with respect to road traffic risks. The project was funded by the partners’ own resources.

The first ESRA survey was conducted online using representative samples (at least N=1,000) of the national adult populations in 17 European countries. A common questionnaire was developed and translated into 20 different country-language versions. The survey covered a range of subjects, including the attitudes towards unsafe traffic behaviour, self-declared (unsafe) behaviour in traffic and support for road safety policy measures. Data collection took place simultaneously in all countries in June/July 2015. In total, data from more than 17,000 road users (of which 11,000 frequent car drivers) were collected. Hence, the ESRA survey produced a very rich dataset. An overview of the project and the results are available on: