SKILLFUL vision is to identify the skills and competences needed by the Transport workforce of the future and define the training methods and tools to meet them. Employability will be strongly connected by SKILLFUL to future transport job requirements for all transportation modes and multimodal chains and for all levels/types of workers, while all training modes will be included and integrated in a balanced way. To achieve this, SKILLFUL aims to review the existing, emerging and future knowledge and skills requirements of workers at all levels in the transportation sector, to structure the key specifications and components of the curricula and training courses that will be needed to meet these competence requirements optimally and to identify and propose new business roles in the education and training chain, such as those of “knowledge aggregator”, “training certifier” and training promoter”, in order to achieve European wide competence development. Project results are verified through a wide number of Pilots with low to high skilled workers from all transportation modes Europewide.