The subject of the project is the safety audit of the new, under development, network of roads, cycle paths and pedestrian roads in the Metropolitan Pole of Elliniko – Agio Kosma.

The procedure to be implemented is in line with the provisions of the Greek (Government Gazette B, 1694 / 13-06-2016) and European Legislation (2008/96/EC) and includes the following stages:

  1. Disclosure by the Project Management Body of the required data (plans, commitments, approvals, etc.) to carry out the RSA.
  2. Inaugural meeting with the participation of representatives of the Project Management Body to highlight the most important issues of the RSA, the formulation of reflections, etc.

iii. Evaluation of the available data to record additional topics that should be audited on the spot.

  1. Drafting a Technical Report and, if required, of drawings, to highlight the RSA findings on road safety issues for which appropriate recommendations will be given.