Road crashes constitute a major global societal problem with more than 1.25 million fatalities per year (first mortality cause for the ages 15-29). The international scientific cooperation on the identification of risk factors and respective countermeasures is therefore highly necessary for the development of integrated systems to improve road safety internationally. The core objective of the present research project is to develop advanced road safety models at both macroscopic and microscopic level for developed and developing countries in Europe (Greece, UK, Germany), Asia (China) and the US. The Investigation of transferability aspects and comparisons will allow for valuable exchange of knowledge and experience in order to reduce road crashes in Greece, in China and worldwide. More specifically, the findings will provide supportive evidence to improve national safety management strategies, geometric design guidelines, and crash hotspots improvement through the development of international guidelines. The results are expected to contribute to the development of advanced road safety models in order to strongly enhance the road safety management system in Greece, in China and worldwide.