The aim of this work is the presentation of the method and the framework of the development of a manual for safe driving at an older age and the results of its assessment by prospective users. The manual was developed in order to increase awareness of older drivers on the consequences of changes associated with age in the safety of their driving, improve their knowledge and develop incentives for making decisions on adjustments to driving behavior. The manual was based on a survey on older drivers’ behavior, while self-assessment tools and educational material on safe driving behavior appropriate for older drivers were used for its development. The manual was assessed by active drivers, aged 65-74 years, by completing a specially designed questionnaire, with emphasis on perceived benefits from its use. The results of the evaluation indicate that the manual can contribute positively to increasing knowledge and awareness of drivers about the changes that occur with age and are associated with driving and that the method used may be useful in developing manuals and self general teaching aids for elderly drivers.