SafetyNet is a project to build the core elements of the European Road Safety Observatory as defined in the EC White Paper on Transport Policy. This paper aims to present the contribution of the Integrated Project SafetyNet project to the statistical information concerning vehicle-kilometres, comparable at international level, through the development of a common framework for the collection of Risk Exposure Data in Europe. Initially, a brief overview of SafetyNet, explains how the WP2 “Risk Exposure Data” of this project deals with the national traffic statistics through several indicators in order to make then compatible and comparable as far as possible over the 25 EU Member States. More precisely, SafetyNet being a project running over 4 years (from May 2004 to May 2008), the paper presents the objectives, methodologies and the information related to vehicle-kilometres gathered until now. Finally the time schedule of following WP2 steps of SafetyNet is presented with the expected data and results concerning the vehicle-kilometres over the 25 EU Member States.