The objective of the present research is to better understand mobility in university campus areas, using local and transnational data, policies and planning instruments. This analysis looks at integrating student’s mobility flows to/from and inside Campus areas with urban mobility. Within this framework, a survey was developed for seven Southern European universities including a mobility questionnaire on current mobility, desired mobility, mobility problems, proposed measures/policies/tools as well as demographic characteristics of the participants which were mainly undergraduate students, post graduate students, academic/faculty members and administrative staff. For the purpose of the survey, 1,090 questionnaires were collected and further analyse. Regarding the mobility to / from the city, campuses are further distinguished into those that are inside and outside the city. Results highlight differences in the policies that are most critical based on the location of each University. More specifically, for campuses located inside urban area, the most important transport measures include public transport and environmental issues. On the other hand, for mobility in campuses located outside urban areas, results indicate that measures should address public transport and road infrastructure, to help accessibility to and from the campus areas.