SafetyCube is a European co-funded research project which addresses generating new knowledge about accident risk factors and the effectiveness of measures relevant to Europe and integrating it into a European Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS). The DSS is the only system worldwide that includes, in addition to measures, quantitative information on risk factors as well. It is also the only system worldwide which exhaustively covers behaviour, infrastructure, vehicle and post-crash care topics. The DSS was designed and developed in close consultation with numerous road safety stakeholders who provided feedback on user needs and desired functionalities. It is populated with more than 1200 studies (more than 7000 effects) on risk factors and safety measures, electronically coded and stored in a sophisticated back-end database. The studies were selected and analysed by means of a dedicated common methodology. Meta-analyses or other pertinent techniques were applied to produce comprehensive synopses for all topics. The DSS also provides cost-benefit evaluations and all the related analytic background. A user friendly interface provides a powerful and flexible search engine which allows the user to access the individual studies and a series of synopses evaluating each considered topic. The system includes five entry points to meet the needs of different DSS users: keyword search, risk factors search, measures search, road user groups search, and accident scenarios search. The development of the DSS presents a great opportunity to support decision making at local, regional, national and international level. The DSS is a powerful tool intended to become a major source of information for industry, policy-makers and the wider road safety community.