The Road Safety Unit of DG Move of the European Commission has recently released a Report titled ‘Study on good practices for reducing road safety risks caused by road user distractions’ prepared by TRL, TNO and RAPPTrans. The study concluded that 10-30% of road accidents in the EU could have distraction as a contributory factor, although limitations of both data and their definitions mean that this figure requires further validation.

The Study identified a series of countermeasures that can be used to address driver distraction, including non-technology-based approaches

[legislation, certification, public awareness campaigns and education during the licensing acquisition process (as well as for professional drivers)] and the most promising technologies[collision warning systems (forward collision warning and lane departure warning), voice recognition, biometry, head up displays, artificial intelligence, and vehicle automation]. Standardised Human-Machine Interface design should also be an important component of an EU-wide approach to distraction. The Study concluded with nine key cost beneficial recommendations related to data, technologies, awareness & education, and standards addressed to the European Commission but also to all national and international road safety stakeholders (Authorities, Industry, Research, Interest groups). pdf5