Road Safety Links

Road Safety Links concern key road safety resources in Greece, in other countries and worldwide covering all fields of road safety (international organisations, data and information systems, interest groups, research, etc.).

– International Organizations
– Greek Organizations
– Research Organizations
– International Interest Groups
– Road Safety Data and Information Systems
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Greek Organisations

GPRSC           Greek Parliament Road Safety Committee

MIT                 Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

MPOCP          Ministry of Citizen Protection

EDRIVE           Road Safety Portal of Ministry of Infrastructure

NRSO              NTUA Road Safety Observatory

HITE                Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers

TCG                Technical Chamber of Greece

CERTH-HIT     Hellenic Institute of Transport

ICCS               Institute of Communications and Computer Systems

CEREPRI        Centre for Research and Prevention of Injuries

IOAS               Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas

ELPA               Automobile and Touring Club of Greece

EAEE               Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies

AMVIR            Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives

MOTOE           Motorcycle Federation of Greece

PFDI               Panhellenic Federation of Driving Instructors

HADI               Hellenic Association of Driving Instructors

EFTHITA         Greek organization for road accidents victims-Rhodes

STC                 SOS Traffic Crimes

MARSH           Make Roads Safe Hellas

StAr                 Aris Stathakis Foundation for Road Safety

PSPTAA          Greek Child Accidents Organisation

ATMC             Athens Traffic Management Center

Attiki Odos     Attica Toolway Road Safety

Research Organizations

SWOV             Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research

IFSTTAR         French Institute of Sciences & Technology for Transport

TRL                 UK Transport Research Laboratory

BAST              German Federal Highway Research Institute

KfV                  Austrian Road Safety Board

VIAS                Belgian Institute for Road Safety

VTT                 Finish Technical Research Center

VTI                  Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

TOI                  Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics

DTU                Danish Transport Research Institute

LNEC              Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering

CDV                Czech Transport Research Centre

KTI                  Hungarian Institute for Transport Sciences

MTI                 Polish Motor Transport Institute

BFU                 Swiss Council for Accident Prevention

DGT                Spanish Direccion General de Trafico

RSA                Irish Road Safety Authority

CTL                 Italian Research Centre for Transport and Logistics

TSRC              Loughborough Transport Safety Research Center

ROSPA           The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

TRB                 US Transportation Research Board

ARRB              Australian Road Research Board

TIRF                Traffic Injury Research Foundation

International Interest Groups

ETSC               European Transport Safety Council

FERSI              Forum of European Road Safety Research Institute

FEHRL            Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

ECTRI              European Conference of Transport Research Institutes

ERTRAC          European Road Transport Research Advisory Council

ERF                 European Union Road Federation

IRF Geneva     International Road Federation Geneva

IRF Global      International Road Federation Global

PIARC             World Road Association

ASECAP         European Association with tolled motorways

EuroRAP        European Road Assessment Programme

IRAP               International Road Assessment Programme

FIA                  Federation Internationale de l’Automobile

FIA Foundation  FIA Make Roads Safe

IRU                 International Road Transport Union

EARPA            European Automotive Research Partners Association

EUCAR           European Council for Automotive R&D

ACEA              European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association

EuroNCAP      European New Car Assessment Programme

GlobalNCAP  New Car Assessment Programme

CLEPA            European Association of Automotive Suppliers

CITA                International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee

FEMA             Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations

FIM                 International Motorcyclists’ Federation

ECF                 European Cyclists federation

CONEBI          Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry

FEPA               Federation of European Pedestrian Associations

IFP                  International Federation of Pedestrians

WALK21         Walk21

ACEM             Motorcycle Industry in Europe

IMMA             International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association

PRI                  La Prevention Routiere Internationale

ERTICO          ITS Europe

EIA                  European Insurance Association

TISPOL           European Traffic Police Network

CORTE            Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement

EREG              Association of European Vehicle & Driver Registration Authorities

CIECA             International Commission for Driver Testing

EFA                 European Driving Schools Association

EAC                European automobile clubs

FEVR              European Federation of Road Traffic Victims

WDR               World Day of Remembrance

Global-NGOs Global Road Safety NGOs

SafeKids        Worldwide Campaign

NETS              Network of Employers for Traffic Safety

MRS               Make Roads Safe Global Campaign

POLIS            Cities and regions for sustainable transport


SafeFITS      UNECE Global Road Safety Model

SafetyCube  European Road Safety DSS

PRACT          CEDR APM and CMF Repository

iRAP              iRAP Toolkit

PIARC            PIARC Road Safety Manual

NHTSA           NHTSA Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse

AUSTROADS  Austroads Road Safety Engineering Kit