Road Safety Conferences

Road Safety Conferences concern past and future Conferences, Congresses, Seminars and Workshops in the field of road safety in Greece, in Europe and worldwide, in which we participate or we are aware of through our cooperations.


Global Road Conference, IRF, Las Vegas, 7-9 November

Safety 2018 Injury Prevention, WHO, Bangkok, 5-7 November

20th ICTTP, WASET, Bali, 22-23 October

– 6th Conference Driver Distraction and Inattention, SAFER, Gothenburg, 15-17 October

– Road Tunnel Operations and Safety, PIARC, Lyon, 3-5 October

25th World Congress on ITS, Copenhagen, 17-21 September

2018 IRCOBI Conference, Athens, 12-14 September

7th Symposium – hEART2018, Athens, 5-7 September

17th Alcohol Interlock Symposium, TIRF, Austin-Texas, 19-21 August

– International Conference on Transport & Health, Michigan, 24-27 June

– Conference on Mobility and Transport, TUM, Munich, 13-14 June

6th Humanist Conference, SWOV, the Hague, 13-14 June

50th CIECA Congress, CIECA, Belfast, 29 May – 1 June

2018 Summit on “Transport Safety and Security”, ITF, Leipzig, 23 – 25 May

18th conference Road Safety on Five Continents, VTI, Jeju Island, S. Korea, 16-18 May

– 13th Conference Road Safety in Local Communities, Kopaonik, Serbia, 18-21 April

– 8th ESAR Conference, ESAR, Hannover, 19-20 April

– Transport Research Arena, European Commission, Vienna, 16-19 April

12th International Road Safety Conference,  GAMBIT, Gdansk, 12-13 April

– SafetyCube Conference, Vienna, 22-23 March

– ITS latest developments in Greece, ITS Hellas, Athens, 23-24 January

– Transportation Research Board, TRB, Washington, 7-11 January

Workshop on Traffic Society and Road Safety, HADI, Athens, 7-8 January



Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service, ITS Hellas, Patras, 7-8 December

Annual POLIS Conference, Brussels, 6-7 December

18th IRF World Road Meeting, IRF, Delhi, 14-17 November

– The national Road Safety Conference, Road Safety GB, Manchester, 14-15 November

– Innovation workshop 2017, iRAP, Helmond, 08-10 November

World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS, Quebec, 29-02 November

Auto Forum 2017 Fondation Vinci Autoroutes, Athens, 02 November

The impact of Education & Training on Traffic Behaviour, Abu Dhabi, 1-2 November

I_HeERO Workshop & Demonstration, Athens, 24 October

5th Africa Road Safety Event, GRSP, Cape Town, 23-24 October

International Conference on Road Safety & Simulation,  TU Delft, 17-19 October

6th IRTAD International Conference, Marrakech, 10-12 October

– Conference of Employers for Traffic Safety, NETS, Charlottesville, 11-12 October

How to Achieve Transport and Trade Related SDG? Podgorica, 11-12 October

Decision Support System Launch Event, SafetyCube, Brussels, 5 October

– TISPOL Conference 2017, TISPOL, Manchester, 3-4 October

8th ICTR, HITE/HIT, Thessaloniki 28-29 September

Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion, EuroSafe, Amsterdam, 21-22 September

6th annual International Cycling Safety Conference, Davis, USA, 21-22 September

2017 IRCOBI Europe, Antwerp, 13-15 September

International Conference on Transport & Health, Barcelona, 27-29 June

Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Conference, ETSC, Brussels, 20 June

12th ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, 19-22 June

23rd Conference “Living and Walking in Cities”, Brescia, 15-16 June

Driving the intelligent vehicle Symposium, IJDS, Haarlem, 14-15 June

Vision Zero, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise & Innovation, Stockholm, 14-15 June

YEARS Country Seminar, RSI Panos Mylonas/ETSC, Athens, 12 June

49th CIECA Congress, CIECA, Trondheim, 8-9 June

UDRIVE Final Event and 6th International NDRS, SWOV, Hague, 7-9 June

Promoting Road Safety Culture, LaHeRS, Crete, 29 May

International Conference: Road Safety and Children, HADI, Thessaloniki, 19-21 May

The Future of Road Safety Research, NTUA, Athens, 15 May

Vision Zero Cities Conference, Transportation Alternatives, New York, 4-5 May

13th PRI World Congress & Exhibition, PRI, Gammarth, Tunisia, 3-7 May

12th Conference Road Safety in Local Communities, Tara, Serbia, 19-22 April

Safer City Streets Workshop, ITF-Polis, Paris, 20-21 April

FIRM17 Infrastructure Research Meeting, FEHRL, Brussels, 5-7 April

5th Global Meeting of NGO for Road Safety and Road Victims, Kuala Lumpur, 3-6 April

1st European Conference on Connected & Automated Driving, EC, Brussels, 3-4 April

High-Level Conference on Road Safety, EC, Malta, 28-29 March

10th ASECAP Road Safety Conference, ASECAP, Brussels, 21 March

10th International Conference on Managing Fatigue, San Diego, 20-23 March

5th Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention, IFSTTAR, Paris, 20-22 March

Road Safety Week 2017, RSI/HITE, 18-24 March

– How data delivers Insight and Innovation, Road Safety GB, Birmingham, 2 March

Road Safety Data Workshop, World Bank / IRTAD, Marrakech, 23-24 February

Transportation Research Board, TRB, Washington, 8-12 January

Society of Traffic and Road Safety: Crossing Glances, Athens, 7-9 January

Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, ITS Hellas, Athens, 19-20 December

Road Safety Workshop for Anglophone Africa, UNECE, Nairobi, 13-15 December

Safe Roads Safe Kids Summit,  Washington D.C., 8-9 December

Annual POLIS Conference, Rotterdam, 1-2 December

27th ARRB Conference,  Melbourne, 16-18 November

11th International Road Safety Seminar,  GAMBIT, Gdansk, 16-17 November

– 5th International Cycling Safety Conference,  Bologna, 3-4 November

Traffic Enforcement: Challenges & Perspectives, ETSS, Abu Dhabi, 2-3 November

29th ICTCT workshop, Lund, 20-21 October

European Conference on Work-Related Road Safety, ETSC, Brussels, 19 October

– Regulating drink driving to protect all road users, ETSC, Brussels, 18 October

– European Road Infrastructure Congress, ERF/RSMA, Leeds, 18-20 October

Alcohol, Drugs & Traffic Safety, ICADTS, Gramado, Brazil, 16-19 October

– 23rd World Congress on ITS, ITS, Melbourne, 14-16 October

– TISPOL Conference 2016, TISPOL, Manchester, 4-5 October

Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries, ITF, Paris, 3 October

– SafetyCube Road Safety Workshop, Brussels, 27 September

Safety 2016 Injury Prevention, WHO, Tampere, 18-21 September

15th Alcohol Interlock Symposium, TIRF/ETSC, Brussels, 13-15 September

6th Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, Brisbane, 2-5 August

– 14th World Transport Research Conference, WCTRS, Shanghai, 10-15 July

Annual Road Safety Conference, Bar Ilan University, 7 July

– Access Management Conference, SAICE/TRB, Pretoria, 6-7 July

Benchmarking Albania towards EU Road Safety Conference, AVIS, Tirana, 6 July

PIN Annual Conference, ETSC, Brussels, 20 June

First ESRA Conference, ESRA, Brussels, 20 June

Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, IEEE, Gothenburg, 19-22 June

– 2nd Serbian Road Congress, Via Vita, Belgrade, 9-10 June

– 7th ESAR Conference, ESAR, Hannover, 9-10 June

– 11th ITS European Congress, ERTICO/EU, Glasgow, 6-9 June

Predicting Road Accidents Workshop, PRACT, Manchester, 3 June

– Road Safety for the International Business Traveler, Gothenburg, 30 May

Road Safety on Five Continents, VTI, Rio de Janeiro, 17-19 May

Road Safety Performance Index Conference, PRI, Tunis, 6-7 May

Accidentology & Motorcycle Simulator Workshop, Safe2Wheelers, Würzburg, 27 April

– Driving Instructors & Safe Driving Workshop, Athens, 23 April

– Transport Research Arena, European Commission – Warsaw, 18-21 April

– Road Safety in Local Communities, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 13-16 April

ETSC Safe & Sober Campaign Workshop, Athens, 21 March

Road Safety & Tourism Workshop in Peloponnese, Vrachati Corinthias, 19 March

– Transportation Research Board, TRB – Washington, 10-14 January