Road Safety Conferences


– 6th Conference Driver Distraction and Inattention, SAFER, Gothenburg, 15-17 October

18th conference Road Safety on Five Continents, VTI, Jeju Island, S. Korea, 16-18 May

– Transport Research Arena, European Commission, Vienna, 16-19 April

– SafetyCube Conference, Vienna, 22-23 March



Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service, ITS Hellas, Patras, 7-8 December

Annual POLIS Conference, Brussels, 6-7 December

18th IRF World Road Meeting, IRF, Delhi, 14-17 November

– The national Road Safety Conference, Road Safety GB, Manchester, 14-15 November

World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS, Quebec, 29-02 November

29th ICTCT workshop, Lund, 20-21 October

International Conference on Road Safety & Simulation,  TU Delft, 17-19 October

6th IRTAD International Conference, Marrakech, 11-12 October

– Conference of Employers for Traffic Safety, NETS, Charlottesville, 11-12 October

– TISPOL Conference 2017, TISPOL, Manchester, 3-4 October

8th ICTR, HITE/HIT, Thessaloniki 28-29 September

Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion, EuroSafe, Amsterdam, 21-22 September

6th annual International Cycling Safety Conference, Davis, USA, 21-22 September

2017 IRCOBI Europe, Antwerp, 13-15 September

International Conference on Transport & Health, Barcelona, 27-29 June

Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Conference, ETSC, Brussels, 20 June

12th ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, 19-22 June

23rd Conference “Living and Walking in Cities”, Brescia, 15-16 June

Driving the intelligent vehicle Symposium, IJDS, Haarlem, 14-15 June

Vision Zero, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise & Innovation, Stockholm, 14-15 June

YEARS Country Seminar, RSI Panos Mylonas/ETSC, Athens, 12 June

49th CIECA Congress, CIECA, Trondheim, 8-9 June

UDRIVE Final Event and 6th International NDRS, SWOV, Hague, 7-9 June

Promoting Road Safety Culture, LaHeRS, Crete, 29 May

International Conference: Road Safety and Children, HADI, Thessaloniki, 19-21 May

The Future of Road Safety Research, NTUA, Athens, 15 May

Vision Zero Cities Conference, Transportation Alternatives, New York, 4-5 May

13th PRI World Congress & Exhibition, PRI, Gammarth, Tunisia, 3-7 May

12th Conference Road Safety in Local Communities, Tara, Serbia, 19-22 April

Safer City Streets Workshop, ITF-Polis, Paris, 20-21 April

FIRM17 Infrastructure Research Meeting, FEHRL, Brussels, 5-7 April

5th Global Meeting of NGO for Road Safety and Road Victims, Kuala Lumpur, 3-6 April

1st European Conference on Connected & Automated Driving, EC, Brussels, 3-4 April

High-Level Conference on Road Safety, EC, Malta, 28-29 March

10th ASECAP Road Safety Conference, ASECAP, Brussels, 21 March

10th International Conference on Managing Fatigue, San Diego, 20-23 March

5th Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention, IFSTTAR, Paris, 20-22 March

Road Safety Week 2017, RSI/HITE, 18-24 March

– How data delivers Insight and Innovation, Road Safety GB, Birmingham, 2 March

Road Safety Data Workshop, World Bank / IRTAD, Marrakech, 23-24 February

Transportation Research Board, TRB, Washington, 8-12 January

Society of Traffic and Road Safety: Crossing Glances, Athens, 7-9 January



Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, ITS Hellas, Athens, 19-20 December

Road Safety Workshop for Anglophone Africa, UNECE, Nairobi, 13-15 December

Safe Roads Safe Kids Summit,  Washington D.C., 8-9 December

Annual POLIS Conference, Rotterdam, 1-2 December

27th ARRB Conference,  Melbourne, 16-18 November

11th International Road Safety Seminar,  GAMBIT, Gdansk, 16-17 November

– 5th International Cycling Safety Conference,  Bologna, 3-4 November

Traffic Enforcement: Challenges & Perspectives, ETSS, Abu Dhabi, 2-3 November

European Conference on Work-Related Road Safety, ETSC, Brussels, 19 October

– Regulating drink driving to protect all road users, ETSC, Brussels, 18 October

– European Road Infrastructure Congress, ERF/RSMA, Leeds, 18-20 October

Alcohol, Drugs & Traffic Safety, ICADTS, Gramado, Brazil, 16-19 October

– 23rd World Congress on ITS, ITS, Melbourne, 14-16 October

– TISPOL Conference 2016, TISPOL, Manchester, 4-5 October

Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries, ITF, Paris, 3 October

– SafetyCube Road Safety Workshop, Brussels, 27 September

Safety 2016 Injury Prevention, WHO, Tampere, 18-21 September

15th Alcohol Interlock Symposium, TIRF/ETSC, Brussels, 13-15 September

6th Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, Brisbane, 2-5 August

– 14th World Transport Research Conference, WCTRS, Shanghai, 10-15 July

Annual Road Safety Conference, Bar Ilan University, 7 July

– Access Management Conference, SAICE/TRB, Pretoria, 6-7 July

Benchmarking Albania towards EU Road Safety Conference, AVIS, Tirana, 6 July

PIN Annual Conference, ETSC, Brussels, 20 June

First ESRA Conference, ESRA, Brussels, 20 June

Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, IEEE, Gothenburg, 19-22 June

– 2nd Serbian Road Congress, Via Vita, Belgrade, 9-10 June

– 7th ESAR Conference, ESAR, Hannover, 9-10 June

– 11th ITS European Congress, ERTICO/EU, Glasgow, 6-9 June

Predicting Road Accidents Workshop, PRACT, Manchester, 3 June

– Road Safety for the International Business Traveler, Gothenburg, 30 May

Road Safety on Five Continents, VTI, Rio de Janeiro, 17-19 May

Road Safety Performance Index Conference, PRI, Tunis, 6-7 May

Accidentology & Motorcycle Simulator Workshop, Safe2Wheelers, Würzburg, 27 April

– Driving Instructors & Safe Driving Workshop, Athens, 23 April

– Transport Research Arena, European Commission – Warsaw, 18-21 April

– Road Safety in Local Communities, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 13-16 April

ETSC Safe & Sober Campaign Workshop, Athens, 21 March

Road Safety & Tourism Workshop in Peloponnese, Vrachati Corinthias, 19 March

– Transportation Research Board, TRB – Washington, 10-14 January