Road Safety Data

Road Safety Data concern the most recent tables and figures on road accidents, risk exposure and performance indicators in Greece and in Europe gathered from various Greek and International data sources like EC, ELSTAT, CARE, Eurostat, IRTAD, NTUA, etc.

                                              Road Accident Data

pdf5 Basic road safety figures 2007-2017                                  pdf5 Basic Road Fatalities Figures

pdf5 Fatalities characteristics 1991-2016                                  pdf5 Fatalities by age and gender

pdf5 Fatalities by age and road user type 2015                         pdf5 Fatalities by road type

pdf5 Fatalities by road type 2015                                                pdf5 Fatalities by road user type

pdf5 Fatalities by accident type 2015

pdf5 Fatalities by lighting conditions 2015

pdf5 Fatalities by weather conditions 2015

pdf5 Fatalities by transport mode 2015

                                   Risk and Performance Indicators

pdf5 Accident risk by driver’s characteristics                            pdf5 Fatalities per population

pdf5 Accident risk by vehicle characteristics                            pdf5 Seat belt and helmet use in Europe

pdf5 Seat belt use in Greece                                                        pdf5 Driver attitudes towards road safety

pdf5 Helmet use in Greece

pdf5 Mobile phone use in Greece

pdf5 Driver attitudes towards road safety

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