New Infographics with key traffic safety facts and figures were recently published at the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) of the DG Move Road Safety Unit of the European Commission, with the active contribution of NTUA, KFV and ERF. These Infographics are based on the respective Basic Traffic Safety Facts 2016 published at the ERSO, containing a comprehensive series of statistical tables with the latest available data from the CARE database of the European Commission. These Infographics concern the following key traffic safety topics in relation to the Road Users: [Children, Young people (18-24), Youngsters (15-17), Elderly (aged >64), Gender Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motorcycles and Mopeds, Car occupants, Heavy Goods Vehicles and Buses], the Road Infrastructure (Motorways, Junctions, Urban areas, Roads outside urban areas) and the Accident Circumstances (Seasonality, Single vehicle accidents). pdf5