The objective of this study is the comparative assessment and ranking of a large number of infrastructure measures in order to aid road safety stakeholders reach informed decisions concerning the implementation of measures with an evidence-based approach. This analysis was carried out within the SafetyCube project, which aims to identify and quantify the effects of risk factors and measures related to behaviour, infrastructure or vehicle, and integrate the results in an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS). More than 260 high quality studies were examined for the aforementioned measure factors, including more than 30 recent and updated meta-analyses which provide results from a number of original works. This allowed the ranking of infrastructure related measures into three groups: clearly reducing risk (14 measures), probably reducing risk (21 measures), and unclear (13 measures). Obtained results provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive information for the examined measures that can be exploited both microscopically, for instance for site improvements, and macroscopically, for instance for strategic decisions.