The objective of this study is the examination of several light engineering measures with the explicit purpose of assessing their impact on road safety. Examined categories include delineation and road markings, which can be longitudinal for road segments and transversal for junctions, and installation and maintenance of traffic signs, investigated both in functioning workzones and otherwise. This analysis was carried out within the SafetyCube project. Existing studies were selected and analysed in a set taxonomy consisting of 5 measures: signage installation and improvement for workzones, road markings implementation, installation of chevron signs, edgeline rumble strips and lastly traffic sign installation and traffic sign maintenance. A clearly defined methodology was developed including rigorous literature search, analysis of studies in terms of design, methods and limitations and synthesis of findings and meta-analyses, when feasible. The results of the present study offer valuable insights that were previously undefined can be generalized for other cases with the essential caution due to study particularities.