The 12th International Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, Safety 2016, took place with great success in Tampere, Finland, on 18-21 September, 2016. It was an initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its network of WHO-Collaborating Centres for injury prevention, attended by more than 1.100 participants from more than 120 countries. The conference programme consisted of 1.004 presentations and traffic safety was one of the major conference topics. pdf5

NTUA presentations concerned:

ppt5 Characteristics of road accidents with youngsters in Europe

ppt5 Comparative analysis of road accidents by gender in Europe

ppt5 Exploration of accident probability of drivers with brain pathologies

ppt5 Developing the European Road Safety Decision Support System

ppt5 Exploring the difference of traffic parameters by severity level and accident type in urban areas

ppt5 Correlation of road safety performance with social and economic indicators in the EU

ppt5 Willingness to pay for innovative vehicle insurance schemes