The 15th European Transport Safety Lecture was organised by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) together with its three founding members – the German Road Safety Council, the Dutch Safety Board and the British Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and took place with great success on November 21st, 2013 in Berlin. Prof. Dietmar Otte from the Medical University of Hannover gave the Lecture on Road Safety: Reliable Data – Effective Policies, having attracted a large audience of more than 150 national and international road safety practitioners, technical specialists and decision makers. Response to the Lecture was given by European Commission Head of Road Safety Unit Mr. Szabolcs Schmidt and TU Delft Professor Fred Wegman. At the lecture and the vivid discussion followed there was focus to the need forreliable and accurate data to be placed at the core of road safety policies, serving to identify problems, risk factors, and priority areas as well as to formulate strategies, setting targets and monitor performance. 

This ETSC Lecture coincided with the celebration of 20 years of ETSC. On the occasion, ETSC Chairman Herman De Croo stated that “ETSC has marked 20 years of concerted advocacy efforts on road safety throughout Europe, acting as an established source of independent and impartial advice to policy and decision-makers in Europe”. pdf5