A paper titled ‘Explaining the road accident risk: weather effects‘ co-authored by R.Bergel-Hayat, M.Debbarh, C.Antoniou and G.Yannis is now published in Accident Analysis and Prevention Journal. This research is based on some case studies carried out within the data analysis and synthesis activities of the EU-FP6 project “SafetyNet – Building the European Road Safety Observatory”, which illustrate the use of weather variables for analysing changes in the number of road injury accidents. Time series analysis models with explanatory variables that measure the weather quantitatively were used and applied to aggregate datasets of injury accidents for France, the Netherlands and the Athens region, over periods of more than twenty years. The main results reveal significant correlations on a monthly basis between weather variables and the aggregate number of injury accidents, but the magnitude and even the sign of these correlations vary according to the type of road (motorways, rural roads or urban roads).  doi