A Workshop on Observation and Modelling of Pedestrian Behaviour in Urban Areas organised by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) took place with great success in Marne-la-Valée – Paris, on 4 May 2015, within the framework of the Post Doctoral research project “PEDMOD- Models of pedestrian behaviour and safety” of NTUA Research Associate Dr. Eleonora Papadimitriou. The objective of the Workshop was the analysis of the state of the art on pedestrian behaviour observation and modelling, through the exchange of experiences in implementing meaningful pedestrian behaviour measurements, testing novel methodologies to explore pedestrian strategies, choices and behavioural patterns, and developing flexible and robust models to predict and understand pedestrian walking and crossing behaviour in urban areas. pdf5

All presentations are now available:

ppt5 The PEDMOD research project – Overview (George Yannis – NTUA)

ppt5 Analysis of pedestrian trajectories: behavioural patterns and individual practices (Sylvain Lassarre – IFSTTAR)

ppt5 Integration of human factors in pedestrian crossing choice models (Eleonora Papadimitriou – NTUA)

ppt5 Methods for observing pedestrian behaviour: ethologic observation and declared questionnaire (Marie-Axelle Granié – IFSTTAR)

ppt5 Observation of children pedestrian behaviours – the ESSAIM project (Marie-Soleil Cloutier – INRS)

ppt5 Pedestrian trajectories in stations (Zoi Christoforou & Pierre Argoul – LVMT/ENPC)

ppt5 Pedestrian behaviour through experimental studies on street-crossing simulator (Aurelie Dommes – IFSTTAR)

ppt5 Modelling for the pedestrians simulation (Jean-Michel Auberlet – IFSTTAR)